Storevault vs NetApp license keys?

How can I tell if the license keys in my S500 are Storevault keys or Netapp keys. What I show now are 7 character all upper case keys. I called support for my keys and they gave me 25 character alpha numberic keys. Which are NetApp keys and which are StoreVault keys. Is it true that there is a difference between the Snap Replication features depending on the key?

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My NetApp licenses are listed as 7 character but I do not think this is proof. Sorry - Best I can offer.

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My SnapManager for Exchange and SQL keys are both 25 alphanumerics.

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So are the snap manager licenses 25 and the other licenses 7? If you don't mind me asking which model S-Family do you have and was it purchased before or after StoreVault was brought back into the Netapp fold?

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According to my own documentation, all four of my license keys are 25 alphanumerics. The four are CIFS, SnapRestore, SnapManager for Exchange, and SnapManager for SQL. I have an S500 and it was purchased before StoreVault came back to NetApp. They were separate from (albeit still "a division of") NetApp.

Re: Storevault vs NetApp license keys?

StoreVault license keys are 25 character. NetApp keys are 7 character.

Original Storevault Replication key (SnapMirror async) was 25 character and only allowed StoreVault to StoreVault snapmirror functionality.

Then Storevault to FAS (one way) replication was announced and a seperate 25 character license key was issued for this with increase in cost.

It was determined that this key did not provide full functionality (SME and SMSQL backups did not update replication relationships) plus there was an intent to allow for FAS to Storevault replication. Therefore a new key generator for StoreVault to FAS replication generates fully functional snapmirror async keys, which are still 25 character Storevault keys.

To recap, if you have a Storevault to FAS 25 character license key, you may need to call support and have them issue you a newer key. It will still be a 25 character key. This will give you full snapmirror functionality.

Storevault to Storevault and Storevault to FAS are the only supported relationships. Technically, you can do FAS to Storevault snapmirror but it is not supported.

As far as FAS 7 character license keys, I do not know if they are issuing these keys for Storevault now other than for some newer licensed feature like SnapVault Primary license which is available under the pvr process. Some of the free license keys like iSCSI and HTTP may be using these keys.

Re: Storevault vs NetApp license keys?

Wow, Thank you for the clarification. I think I will look into the cost of the StoreVault to FAS replication key. I will only be doing S500 to S500 but the ability to break the mirror and resilver it would be fantastic.