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Suggestion on improvements in Config Advisor

Hi all,


I've checked the scripting possibilities with Config Advisor.. Well, yes.. It's possible to collect data, and it's possible to do periodic checks..



If you've got 200+ of filers and wan't to do periodic checks it would be great to script the whole thing and not administrating the collection-groups in config advisor manually.


So.. if anyone who has some influense on the dev-team reads this..


* Please drop the encryption on the group-file, or at least let it be optional, so we can edit it by script. Or se the commandline-options below.

* Add more reporting-options html, xml or just clear text

* Add more commandline-options in configadvisor.exe

         * Possibility to specify filers, usernames, password, collection-mode, collection-options, outputfolder, reporting-folder,reporting-transport (like ftp, smb) and reporting-format

* Autoupdate-feature that can be run without confirmation in scripts

Re: Suggestion on improvements in Config Advisor

Forwarded this to the Config Advisor team.

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Re: Suggestion on improvements in Config Advisor

HI, i am the product manager for CA and thanks for your note.  We do have plans in many of the features you described below for our future release.  Also, my understanding is that encryption of the group files and saved queries are optional, so you can always decline encryption.


Please let me know if you have further questions or input



 kawai leung