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Switch firmware version Metrocluster

Hi fellow NetAppers!

Quick question on the support matrix for metrocluster configurations, for the Brocade 200E it lists fabric OS 6.0.0b as the supported release - but this is quite an old one. Should the matrix be interpreted as the absolute or minimal version supported? Also what is the experience with updating it, are there any special settings that might be lost from the switch?


Re: Switch firmware version Metrocluster

Hello joostvandrenth,

I thought our experts could provide some assistance so I moved your question to our Ask the Expert event area.  The actual event starts 2/22 so look for a response next week.  Thanks!


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Re: Switch firmware version Metrocluster

The compatibility matrix below specifies the versions of hardware and software which were tested with the respective Metrocluster release.  They should not be interepreted as the minimum release.  The matrix is updated with every new release of Data ONTAP.  As you indicated below, the firmware is somewhat older, but the 600E switch has also been announced as End of Life, superceded by the Brocade 300 series switch.

With regards to updating the firmware on any switch, in general configurations are preserved, but your best bet is to reach out to the support team with your specific firmware revision and the desired destination firmware.

Re: Switch firmware version Metrocluster

Somebody please speak to IBM about this as they bumped my tech request on approving any version of switch firmware since the ones available are newer than stated in the matrix. Please note that the current listed fw for our switches is not available anymore, which means we aways need to contact tech support.