Switchless cDOT Question

With the releaseof cDOT 8.2RC1 we now have official support for a 2 node switchless configuration. My question is around using a 3140 which is supported as long as you have X1007 or X1008 cards installed. I see when I look at the HWU and the port assignment that 2 10GbE ports are used for "Data" access is it possible to use the onboard 1GbE ports for data access? The reason I ask is my customer does not have access to a 10GbE switch for Vserver "data" access.

Re: Switchless cDOT Question

Yes - in this scenario, you connect the 10GbE Ports to each other to create the switchless cluster, and the 1GbE ports are used for client access to data on the system.

Re: Switchless cDOT Question

Indeed, to support Alex reply. It's the same for the FAS22xx series which support clustered ontap... they have to use the 1GBe ports for data access because they have to use the 10GBE for the cluster network (Unless they use the one cable cluster support option but as you might guess this is is a single point of failure) The FAS22xx want to be able to use the 10Gbe card but maybe limited where as you appear to have the opposite requirement . I hope this helps, Adrian