Sync SnapMirror on low memory systems


I read on TR-3326 that Low-memory platforms such as FAS200, FAS2000, and V2000 series are not recommended.

Has anybody tried running Sync SnapMirror on FAS2240 ?  My partners customer is looking for a solution like MetroCluster but at a low level - lower budget than FAS3000.

Can anybody help?



Re: Sync SnapMirror on low memory systems

Hi Elias,

I use synchronisation between FAS3240 and FAS2240 without issue. I use snapmirror between 2 locations. I synchronize 20 Go every night. First synchronisation has been done on master's site because,one of the volumes which is synchronized, sized to 1 To. We use a 10 Mb link between the 2 locations.