SyncMirror errors logged after upgrade to OnTap 7.351


OnTap 7.351

After upgrading from OnTap 7.33 to 7351 I am getting SyncMirror errors logged approximately every 30 minutes.

"Disk 0b.82 is in Pool0 and other disks on this loop/domain are in Pool1. Disks/Interfaces need to be in separate pools for SyncMirror"

This is logged for every disk on one shelf (and only one shelf)

First of all, we do not have SyncMirror Licensed.

Second of all the logged error makes no sense.

It states that the disk are in separate pools. (pool 1 and pool 0) Which they are.

Then it states that the disks MUST BE in separte pools for SyncMirror.

Well, if the disks are already in sepate pools, why is it complaining?

(And we do not have SyncMirror licensed.)

We were not getting this error with 7.33.

It apeared immediately after upgrading to 7.351.

There are 4 shelves in the system and all 4 are on their own loops.

If I move all disks to one pool, will the error go away?

Or do I need to make sure that all disks on each shelf are all in the same pool?

BTW, we are using software disk ownership on this system.

Anyone seen this issue or getting this error?


Re: SyncMirror errors logged after upgrade to OnTap 7.351

I do not know the cause of this error, but I found a way to make it go away.

I removed one FC connection from that shelf making it single path.

Waited 15 minutes to see new errors.

Reconnected to restore multipathing.

Error have not returned.

Re: SyncMirror errors logged after upgrade to OnTap 7.351

Without syncmirror, all disks should be in pool 0.  "disk show -v" will show the pool.  If you have disks in different pools, I would remediate so all are in the same pool.  Spare drives can be assigned to pools with the system up with "disk assign -p" but disks already in aggregates need the system booted into maintenance mode.  I would check disk show -v and if not all the same pool, open a support case if needed to help with fixing this so all disks are in the same pool.