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Syslog and vFilers

Hey all.

Can a vFiler be set up to send syslog messages to a syslog server independently of the hosting machine or does it rely on the hosing filers syslogs?

I looked through the Multisore guide but did not see anything pertaining to this.




Syslog and vFilers

Below is URL for older version of ONTAP, but it is same, all the logging goes into the /etc/message file on the hosting filer (vfiler0).

Syslog and vFilers

The link is accurate for all ONTAP versions as well...all logging to vFiler0.  There are exceptions for other logs...if you run cifs auditing or snapmirror or snapvault from within a vfiler, then those logs are kept in the vfiler root volume.  So it is important to make sure your vfiler root isn't too small... but in most cases all logging (and all syslog messages) goes to vfiler0 root messages. 

Syslog and vFilers

Thanks for the help guys!