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There no Latency and IOPS on LIF's , why?

In OCUM 9.5, if you click "Performance" --> LIF's, there are no Latency and IOPS shown on all LIF's of SVM's. There is only MB/s graph.


Why? is that normal with OCUM?


Thanks for your inputs!


Re: There no Latency and IOPS on LIF's , why?

NetApp guys can correct me here, but I think it's not just 9.5, even in prior versions of OCUMs, LIFs do/did not show IOPS & Latency, only in cases where LIF is used for iSCSI data where you expect block IOPS.


Rest all LIFs will only show the MB/sec b'cos that's a true measure of how much data (Throughput) is received/sent through that LIF per-second. Therefore it says N/A (Not Applicable).


Qos Command (qos statistics latency show) provides Latency observed per I/O operation in the Network subsystem (Network), but it's overall and a good pointer towards what layer is contributing towards the total avg latency.

Re: There no Latency and IOPS on LIF's , why?

Okay. That's what I thought as well. there are no latency and IOPS on LIF's in any versions of OCUM. You are correct that only LIF's for iscsi block will show, but why?


QoS  only give your realtime information, not historic data.

Re: There no Latency and IOPS on LIF's , why?

You are correct, QoS is good when you are investigating something real-time and there is a fire-fighting like situation.  But, I also make use of OCUM to look at historic data (Node-Utilizaiton, /Aggr/Vol/Lun IOPS/Latency/MBps, except LIFs) and that helps me in understanding the trigger point.  


Logic I can think of is : Rest all the LIFs which serves (CIFS/NFS) are dealing at file-evel so aren't aware, whereas the LIFs  (end-point) that serves iSCSI [Block IOs] is aware.


Re: There no Latency and IOPS on LIF's , why?

Sorry to pull out the old conversation.


In NFS cases, is there a way to indentify if a LIF is the bottleneck of a performance issue?


As we have said, the only historic performance data on LIF was througput (MBps) which would not tell me if the LIF is the bottlenect or not.