Thomson Reuters: What does Thomson Reuters infrastructure look like?

Throughout the week, the NetApp Community will focus on a series of questions that highlights how Thomson Reuters followed a path of steady IT evolution that ultimately allowed them to avoid $65 million in costs, reduce power use by 25%, and improve availability, all while allowing them to search 50X more data in half the time.

What does the Thomson Reuters infrastructure look like?

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Thomson Reuters: What does Thomson Reuters infrastructure look like?

Hi all - Mike Arndt here, I am a NetApp Systems Engineer and have been working with Thomson Reuters in a variety of roles over the past 6+ years.

The Thomson Reuters infrastructure consists of pretty standard building blocks. They have between 25,000 and 30,000 x86 servers in their data centers, most with 2- or 4-CPU configurations.  The network infrastructure is mainly 10-Gigabit Ethernetusing Cisco 6500 and Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 family switches.

The NetApp storage is offered internally as a shared service, or used in a dedicated fashion for certain very high performance requirements, and all NetApp storage is backed up using NetApp SnapShots and SnapVault for disk to disk replication.