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Two issues with snap manager 5.0

Hello all

I am running snme version snap drive 6.0 and iscsi 2.05 all on windows 2003 sp2. The problems i am experiencing is #1 snme is not able to dismount the lun once the verification process is over. The verification is run on a seperate server from the Exchange 2003 sp2 server. The error message in the log file is

[06:20:55.505] Transaction log verification successfully completed.
[06:20:55.505] Initializing SnapManager server on remote machine [IRV-EDC-MSXX]...
[06:20:55.505] Connecting to remote server [IRV-EDC-MXX]...
[06:20:55.505] Remote server [IRV-EDC-MSXX is connected successfully.
[06:21:31.115] NtapSnapMgrRemote::VerifySmeLaunch: Exception hr=0x80131501 [The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.]
[06:21:31.115] Verify SME Launch on IRV-EDC-MSXX returned error 0x80131501

[06:21:31.115] WARNING: Failed to disconnect mounted snapshot LUN [C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint\MPDisk001] on computer IRV-EDC-MSXX
[06:21:31.115] Please use SnapDrive to disconnect this snapshot LUN manually, or you may create busy snapshot later on.
[06:21:31.115] Removing remote object...

#2 I have two exchange 2003 sp2 servers, each server has two storage groups. The snap shot works on storage group1 but fails on storage group 2. The error message i get in the log file is

Error in calling VSS API: Error code = 0x80042314
Error description: VSS_E_HOLD_WRITES_TIMEOUT

The error message i get on the exchange server is

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: The I/0 writes cannot be held during the shadow copy creation period on vol N:\ the volume index in shadow copy set is 0. Error details: open 0x0000000, flush release 0x80042314 onrun


Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

I am also experiencing VSS_E_HOLD_WRITES_TIMEOUT errors using SME 5.0,SD 6.0, and MS iSCSI initiator 2.07 on W2K3_SP2. Any information on this issue?

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

Any update on this? I'm about to install SME 5.0 and Snapdrive 6.0.1 on Windows 2003SP2. Is SME 5.0 ready for prime time or should I go with 4.0?

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0


SME5.0 and SnapDrive 6.0.1 has been out for months and used widely by NetApp customers. I would feel comfortable rolling this out.

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Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

I'm running and getting the same VSS Error.

Can you confirm that 6.0.1 did really resolve this issue for you?

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

I suggest to update to SM Exchange 6.0.3 and SnapDrive 6.4.1 and retry.

Besides the stuff mentioned above, when running exchange 2010 in a dag, you might experience vss errors when one or more databases are not properly synced.

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

I am using a DAG Exchange 2010 environment, and i'm trying to backup passive databases from my DAG member servers.

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0

Updated SME 6.0.3 & SnapDrive 6.4.1 and got another VSS error, not the same error code though. This time it's the following error:

Error in calling VSS API: Error code = 0x8004230f


any advice?

Re: Two issues with snap manager 5.0


There is a Microsoft Hotfix