Unable to break snapmirror relation

Hi All Netapp-ians

I have an issue on hand where-in I'm unable to break a snap mirror relation so that eventually it can be deleted.

This stems from the fact that the snapmirror status is in 'pending' state. Below is the error I'm getting while trying to delete the snapmirror relation on the destination filer:

Snapshot destination_filer(0118064709)_Volume name.168393 in destination_volume Volume name is in use, cannot delete   (/etc/Messages)

To add to the above, the source volume is replicated to another destination filer. Don't know if this has any relation to the issue.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Re: Unable to break snapmirror relation

Hi - What is the status of the snapmirror you are trying to break?

If you run a "snapmirror status" <vol name> on the source system.

You should still be able to break the relationship to the second system.

Re: Unable to break snapmirror relation

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for the prompt response to my query.

And my apologies for being unable to provide feedback to your query.

Actually what I could gather is that there were NDMP backups on the destinations which was holding up the volume at the destination and hence was unable to delete the snapshot.

After running the 'ndmp killall' command, the snapmirror got going. Hope it makes sense



Re: Unable to break snapmirror relation

Hi Deborshi, Yeah that makes perfect sense and was going to be my next suggestion! Either cascading SM, or NDMP or SMTape (Snapmirror to Tape) will lock the volume and hold up any new snapmirror updates.