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Unable to delete SnapMirror relationship


Our NetApp FAS2050 Filer running OnTAP Version 7.3.2P4 has the following entry in FilerView/SnapMirror/Manage:

Source: Filer1:dr_luns

Destination: Filer1:SM_dr_luns

Status: idle

State: source

Lag: 4765:27:46

The Destination volume 'SM_dr_luns' is not listed in FilerView/Volumes/Manage or in a command line session therefore

we are unable to quiesce, or break, the SnapMirror relationship as these commands return error message 'destination is

offline, is restricted, or does not exist'

We inherited this configuration from an IT employee who is no longer with our company.and have no idea why this SnapMirror

was originally configured or how the Destination volume could have been deleted without the SnapMirror relationship being removed.

Is there any way of cleaning up this mess ?

Re: Unable to delete SnapMirror relationship

It could be a couple of things.  I honestly can't remember if FilerView shows offline or restricted volumes in that list but I think it does.  You can verify this on the CLI with the following:

netapp> vol status

That will show all volumes regardless of state.  If the volume exists but is just offline or restricted you can blow it away and that should help.

However, the more likely case is that the dest volume doesn't exist but a snapmirror baseline on the source volume does exist and has a snapmirror baseline snapshot.  If you delete that snapshot it should clear up snapmirror status.

Hope this helps.

Re: Unable to delete SnapMirror relationship

Thanks for the speedy reply, you've solved our issue & increased our knowledge of the intricacies of ONTAP.

You were correct in thinking that the the issue was caused by a redundant snapmirror baseline snapshot.

Deleting the snapshot from FilerView has also removed the SnapMirror status entry.

I've marked your reply as the correct answer.