Update firmware DataOntap in takeover mode (in partner)

Is possible update firmware data ontap with controller in takeover mode ?

Example: Enter the takeover controller , access another controller with partner command and execute software update there.

obs. Controller partner is DOWN, the partner is assuming

Update firmware DataOntap in takeover mode (in partner)

It is possible depending on the configuration of you're filer. One thing to check is that the :


is set to "Off" so that when you're first upgrade node reboots, it doesn't automatically take back it's resources.once the first node is upgraded successfully, you can use the "CF Giveback" command to fail back over. Then repeat the steps to Takeover the resources from the 2nd Node in order to upgrade the 2nd node.

Another way would be to arrange an outage window and disable the cluster (cf disable) while you upgrade each node, but that can be a pain depending on what you are using the Filers for.

There may be other things to watch out for depending on the Filer model, configuration, version of ONTAP etc. If you are unsure in anyway, I would contact Netapp.

Update firmware DataOntap in takeover mode (in partner)

@preston: he didnt ask for a NDU update, he asked for an update while the machine is in takeover mode :-)

@umo: Its for sure somehow possibly, i wouldnt recommend tho to mess around with a filer which is already in takeover mode. Your #1 priority should be to get it back to a proper state before messing around with the firmware (unless being instructed by netapp support to fix a firmwarebug which caused the takeover in the first place).

Not everything technically possible is a good thing to do ...