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Upgrade the boot_backup


I'm searching a way to update the boot backup on filer. I recently, with pain, update a FAS2020 in Ontap 7.3.6, and when I'm checking the versions, I see that the boot_backup is still in a 7.2.4P1 version.

The problem is if I need to boot on this backup (never know ) the version of the raid support by 7.2.4 is 8 maximum ad my actuel version is 9. I wonder if it could be a problem in this case so I would like to know if it's necessary to update the boot_backup or not, and if it's the case, how to manage this update.

Thank you for your anwsers !


Re: Upgrade the boot_backup

Just execute “download” once more. Current kernel will be moved to backup and you will be left with two identical versions.

Re: Upgrade the boot_backup

Hi aborzenkov,

I manage to launch the download two times after I recover a correct boot with netboot just to be sure since the incident you know (despite the fact I used the software update -r command at first time - now I use the software install and download) but I don't reboot the filer between the 2 commands. Is it why my backup dont update ?

Re: Upgrade the boot_backup

I do not think you need to reboot. May be it became intelligent enough to compare versions and skip download entirely if they are identical. I let someone else to chime in. Can’t help here, sorry.

Re: Upgrade the boot_backup

ok, I'll wait for if someone knows

Thank you anyway for your support !