Use SnapMirror for DR when source system is SQL Cluster

Hello, and apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, I'm new to the SnapManager\SnapMirror suite of products.

I'm looking into DR solutions for an existing two node Active\Passive SQL Cluster, running on WIndows 2003 x64. Is has 4 instances installed, 3 running SQL 2005 Ent and the other runs SQL 2008 Ent. I'd like to use SnapMirror to replicate all the instances to a single SQL Server in our secondary data center in the event of a failure of our core DC.

Are there any additional considerations I have to take into account because the source system is a cluster? Is this even supported by Microsoft and\or NetApp?

The cluster LUNs are hosted on a Active\Active FAS3140 cluster, and the DR site is likey to be a vSeries 3100 using our old EVA 5000 disk shelves.

Thanks in advanced, let me know if you need any additional info


Re: Use SnapMirror for DR when source system is SQL Cluster

I teach SnapManager for Oracle, which works much like SMSQL.

But,  had to check the documentation.

Yes, it looks like it's a supported configuration.

With the latest version of SMSQL you can even create clones of your SQL database

on the mirrored destination.

For things you should consider see the: SnapManager 5.1 for MS SQL docs on the NOW site.

Hope this has been help.

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Eugene Kashpureff