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Hi all,

as per my understanding Data Ontap is a unix based OE on Netapp, so had a query here - how are the windows users mapped on the netapp filers, understanding the fact that windows uses SID's and Unix works on a concept of UID and GID..

Thanks in advance.

Sameer Kulkarni


Re: User mapper

Ontap presents native cifs and nfs

If ntfs permissions it is native windows and any nfs access maps uid to Sid

If unix permissions it is native unix and any cifs access maps Sid to uid.

There are really good tech reports and kb articles on multiprotocol for this. As far as mixed mode that would be a long discussion and don't do it in almost every case. Choose a native permission then map of not native ntfs or unix.

Re: User mapper

yeah we are also waiting for our AD upgrade.. so as to match up sid's and uid's

Re: User mapper

so there aint any way other than mixed mode for multi protocol access..i read that it is possible with it right if not any other way to do this would be helpful

-Karthik C.S

Re: User mapper

I donno if it would be helpful???

Go to


and then give Windows ID==Unix ID

IDs are provided by sys admin