VDI deduped FlashCache image wear

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If i dedupe 1000 VM's and the majority are then served from FlashCache, do we take care to move the image around in cache, so as to avoid wearing out the cache (aka monitor burn from the old days of CRT displays )


VDI deduped FlashCache image wear

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Take a coffee break and enjoy your enhanced performance and space savings instead!

Flash has a finite number of program-erase cycles - so moving things around tends to have the opposite effect - you would actually wear it out quicker.


VDI deduped FlashCache image wear

Flash Cache has built-in wear leveling and in practice is far, far more resilient than the best enterprise SLC drives. A LOT of parallelism on the board, lots of chips to spread the load. So, don't worry about it at all. Never seen one fail BTW.

Just leave the stuff where it is...