VFM - What should I see for data transfer rates?

I am using the migration feature for the first time to move user folders from one volume to a second volume. I have managed to move under 700mb in 4 hours. The VFM server is accross a 200mb wan link .

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Re: VFM - What should I see for data transfer rates?

How long is a piece of string?

I have seen 6Mb a second and 40Mb a second over a 100Mb WAN link using the same kit on different days. If the link is busy you are out off luck, talk to the WAN team...

700mb in 4 hours does not sound good however. It works out to be dial up speeds.

You could try pktt trace and look at the network packets in wireshark. I had a snapmirror problem with low throughput which was caused by 'windowing' issue on the WAN and it was not until I proved the problem that the WAN team agreed that MAYBE something was wrong with the WAN. Then it was fixed magically.

The commands {run for only a couple seconds or the logs are to big}

pktt start all -d /etc/log
pktt stop all