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First of all, I sadly know that PM does not support vfiler dr.

As we have a several vfiler-dr configs and we're now starting to use snapvault backups, we need a solution for this.

We cannot snapvault from the mirror, because snapvault cannot create snapshots on a read-only vol.

Would it be possible to create a vfiler dr config to import the snapmirror relationships and then add them to a protection policy? if yes, what are the pros and cons?

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Hi Adrian --

Unfortunately, this is not likely to work very well.  We tried to qualify this when testing 4.0 and found there were situations where the matching volume and qtree names caused problems.  I don't recall the exact details, but the gist of it was it was really easy to select the wrong volume or qtree because we don't show enough context.

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As per

Backing up specific Snapshot using SnapVault from a VSM destination is 
now possible in Data ONTAP 7.3.2. Refer to the SnapVault Best Practices 
Guide for more info.

So the point is you don't need Protection Manager to accomplish your goal.



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Its a closed community thats why.