VFiler DataMotion

Hi Netapp gurus

I am migrating Vfiler from one array to other. I am planning to use DataMotion, 8.1.2 7-mode.

Do i have to create a vfiler and the same volume structure on destination or the DataMotion process will take care of it??



Re: VFiler DataMotion

I would assume that you would at least have to create the volumes on the destination filer and have them ready to be snapmirrored to.

Re: VFiler DataMotion

I came to know that we don't have to create volumes, Datamotion will take care of it for us, we just have to select an aggregate.

I got another problem

On source array my vfiler was on aggr0

I want to move this vfiler to aggr1 on destination vfiler.

But The datamotion wizard is automatically selecting the aggr0 on destination and not allowing me to change that to aggr1.

Do anyone know the solution. I am using OnCommand manager version 2.2, If i updgrade to latest version, can i able to migrate that vfiler from aggr0 on one array to aggr1 on another array.