VFiler Migrate

Hi NetApp Guru's

we have two HA pairs(7Mode) in our production, Planning to are planning to do the Cluster Ontap. So we are planning to move all the data on HA Pair2 to HA Pair1 in install cDOT on HA pair 2.

So i have vfilers to move from one pair to other. Do you guys have any documentation how to move these Vfilers from one HA pair to other.


Re: VFiler Migrate

There is no vfilers concept in the C-Mode and it is all vServers or SVM's. If you would like to move the 7 mode vfilers to C-mode, you need to migrate the volumes or qtrees (NFS only) using the 7MTT tool.

thank you


Re: VFiler Migrate

HI Agumadavalli

Thanks for you r time, Sorry for the confusion by Mentioning cDOT, we will do it latter. Right now i have to migrating vFiler from one HA pair to other HA Pair.

Any kind of documentation available??