VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation

I've seen reference to possible development between NetApp/VMWare of space reclamation for vmfs datastores.  Here's a post linked here

This would be a really useful feature and i'd like to know if anyone has seen a possible release date for getting space reclamation for vmfs datastores? 

Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks.  Mark

NetApp FAS2050 (Ontap 7.3.4)

vCenter 4.1.0

VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation


From what I know it will work for vSphere 5 & I think you need ONTAP 8.1 (so sadly not an option on FAS2050)



VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation


Thanks for your helpful answer.  This makes sense.  Have you seen this info written up anywhere (release notes/etc)?



VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation

I remember seeing it would be available but didn't see when but think it had a dependency on the OnCommand host agent (but I may be wrong on that).

VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation

Ok, cheers. I'll look into vSphere 5/Ontap 8.

VMFS Datastore - Space Reclamation

I stumbled across the following on VMware forums:

"What's New in vSphere 5.0:


Storage APIs - Array Integration: Thin Provisioning. Offers an ability to reclaim blocks of a thin provisioned LUN

on the array when a virtual disk is deleted."

It looks like a very similar doc is now 'officialy' available here: