VSC 2.1backup rerun on failed VM's

Hi Team,

Need some help on VSC (SMVI 2.1).

Current Software Currency setiup:

DOT: 8.0.2P3



Operations Manager: 4.0 WINDOWS BOX 2008 R2 Enterprise edition


Currently VSC has been installed on Operations manager server and it is talking to vCenter server. SMVI backup's are configured @ datastore level and is running daily@ 2:30 am, and time to time VMWare snapshots fails on some VM's and not the same everyday.

We have a requirement to retry the backup's 3 times on the failed VM's in the interval of 1hour and every retry should run based only on the failed VM's. Let's say @ 2:30 10 VM's failed, backups' should run only on those 10VM's and on the second try 5 VM's failed so the backup's should run only on those 5 VM's. We have win 2008R2 Enterprise edition and I am hoping that someone would have done scripting with powershell and integrate with SMVI to rerun backup's on failed VM's

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And also if anyone has done any scripts to report on failed VM's, reporting on a weekly bassis?



Re: VSC 2.1backup rerun on failed VM's

Check out the VSC Backup and recovery Guide here:

Go to page 45 and check out the SMVI CLI.  To date, I don't know of any SMVI Powershell cmdlets.  They would be great additions to the Powershell Toolkit NetApp has.

Re: VSC 2.1backup rerun on failed VM's

Thanks for your reply, It looks like need to do a bit of scripting to get this done.