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VSC 4.2 not initiating Snapmirror update

Running Ontap 8.1.3 7-Mode with VSC 4.2.

Snapmirrors are baselined / initialized with no schedule in snapmirror.conf

It does create the smvi_snapshotname snapshot on the volume but it does not kick off the update, the mirrors remain idle

The tab in VSC is checked to initiate a snapmirror update upon completing. It does not happen. I've been playing around with this for a few days and I've never had an issue. Any suggestions? Need this completed for a customer


Re: VSC 4.2 not initiating Snapmirror update

Do you have the destination filers defined in VSC?  If you don't have the destination filer defined in VSC the snapmirror won't happen.  You can add the destination filer under the "Monitoring and Host Configuration" tab in "NetApp".

Re: VSC 4.2 not initiating Snapmirror update

Thanks for the reply! Yes I do have them in the source VSC. Here is the error I get from the logs...

I also added the correct snapmirror interfaces in each sides hosts files

2013-08-30 13:42:05,689 [backup:b6e6e2f53c67b5244aa6856449e0e6ad:] DEBUG - Received ZAPI response for snapmirror-list-destinations from 10.x.x.x:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

<!DOCTYPE netapp SYSTEM '/na_admin/netapp_filer.dtd'>

<netapp version='1.1' xmlns=''>

<results status="passed"><destinations><destination-info><source-location>prod-fas-1:nfs_sc1_sata_win2k3</source-location><destination-location>dr-fas-2:nfs_sc1_sata_win2k3_SM</destination-location><source-snapshot>dr-fas-2(1574216758)_nfs_sc1_sata_win2k3_SM.1</source-snapshot></destination-info></destinations></results></netapp>

2013-08-30 13:42:05,689 [backup:b6e6e2f53c67b5244aa6856449e0e6ad:] ERROR - Unknown hostname "dr-fas-2"

2013-08-30 13:42:05,689 [backup:b6e6e2f53c67b5244aa6856449e0e6ad:] WARN  - Storage system dr-fas-2 is not properly configured within SMVI. Please add it as a storage system through either the GUI or CLI.

com.netapp.smvi.exceptions.StorageException: Unknown hostname "dr-fas-2"

at com.netapp.smvi.zapi.ZAPIExecutorFactory.getTargetForHost(

at com.netapp.smvi.zapi.ZAPIExecutorFactory.getStorageRunner(

at com.netapp.smvi.task.SMTask.getZAPIRunner(

at com.netapp.smvi.task.ontap.snapmirror.NaSnapMirrorUpdateAction.execute(

at com.netapp.common.flow.TaskInstanceTemplate.execute(

at com.netapp.common.flow.ForLoopTemplate.execute(

at com.netapp.common.flow.Operation.executeCurrentStack(

at com.netapp.common.flow.Operation.execute(

at com.netapp.common.flow.Threadpool$

Re: VSC 4.2 not initiating Snapmirror update

It looks like the VSC does not know the filer "dr-fas-2".  Go into "Monitoring and Host Configuration" and click on Overview.  Check that dr-fas-2 is defined and the status is normal, etc.  Make sure the credentials are ok and the ip address is correct (management IP address).  If all else fails, maybe you could try deleting the controller entry and adding it in again.  Good luck.