Veritas MPIO driver and NetApp


I have one question about mpio drivers.

Customer is using veritas cluster server in windows environment. OS is Windows 2003 32bit SP2.

Servers are connected to Netapp LUNs.

The question is which MPIO driver to use: netapp ontap DSM or veritas multipath device driver ?

What is the best practice here?

Thank you!


Re: Veritas MPIO driver and NetApp

One more question .- if they are using veritas driver, does it have to be ALUA enabled on igroups?


Re: Veritas MPIO driver and NetApp

Hi Klemen,


In case of W2K3x32 SP2, the highest possible version of SFW / SFW-HA is 5.1SP2.

With the above information, I would recommend reviewing the following two documents, to ensure that your NetApp Model is supported.

- Hardware Compatibility List (HCL):

- Software Compatibility List (SCL):


As per the HCL (and in case of the supported NetApp Models) there is no third party multipathing support, therefore you would need to use DMP DSM.

Please see the notes section of the HCL for additional required settings with NetApp storage.