Virtual Interface Reconfiguration

This seems to be a cut and dry question, but I am new to NetApp and want to be sure that I am not over looking anything. During the original setup of our 2040, they configured a single multiport virtual interface, to include all 4 physical interfaces with LACP. I now need to have 2 VIF's, which will include 2 physical interfaces each, so that we can have a separate VLAN for iSCSI. When looking at the current virtual interface, it looks like I should be able to simply uncheck 2 of the 4 interfaces under 'modify virtual interface' to remove them from the current virtual interface, in turn making them available to create the second virtual interface. Is this the case? And if so, will I experience any system downtime on the current VIF when applying the changes?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Re: Virtual Interface Reconfiguration

You will have downtime on the network since you have to destroy the current vif (ifgrp) and recreate two new ifgrps (vifs).  If you have a cluster you could update /etc/rc and /etc/hosts (carefully) and perform a cluster takeover/giveback so that the interfaces failback the way you want them.  But if IPs and networks change you will need remediation at the hosts which is another issue...if the current IP on the 4 port vif comes up on the 2port vif after giveback then you would be ok...but have to be very careful on the edits to make sure they come up on giveback.