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Volume Growth Trends and Alerts

We have a couple of volumes that get hit once night with a blast of temporary files.  When this occurs the Data Fabric Manager starts sending out "Volume Growth Rate Abnormal" alerts.  After a little time has passed (1-2 hours) the alert goes away and a "Volume Growth Rate OK" mail is sent. I was hoping that over time with the automatic trending that these alerts would stop, but alas, they have not and to us, these nightly issues are  'false positives' rather than real issues, so I would really like to make them go away.

At this time, I see two options to stop these emals from ever happening.

1) Adjust the severity of the eventType 'volume-growth-rate:abnormal' from the default of 'Warning' to 'Informational'. As I don't have mail generated for anything lower than 'Warning'.

2) Adjust the option 'volGrowthEventMinChangePct' to something like 10%. Because my filesystem spikes usually don't go that high.

Neither of these options is ideal.  I want mail on abnormal growth rates as I see these as a real issue.  And I don't want to change the percentage as this is a global setting and not a per-volume setting.

So what else can I do?  Ideally I would love to be able to set per volume thresholds, but If there's a way to set these, I haven't found them.

What suggestions are out there for how to exclude temporary spikes on these volumes with out screwing the monitoring of all our volumes?



Re: Volume Growth Trends and Alerts

I am in a similiar boat.   About once every week, we dump/move a bunch of data, which causes snapshots to get big.   I ws hoping DFM would have a manual over-ride for this particular trap, but it doesn't look like it does.

Now, I wish I could just turn off this particular alert, without having to setup the other 99 that I want to continue to get.