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Re: Volume Space Calculation ???

And also just one more question: If I enable space-allocation what happens to all the previously deleted blocks. Do I lose that space forever unless I recreate the volume ?




Re: Volume Space Calculation ???

So after making the drive thin from thick and made all the volumes have the space-allocation on them. However when I delete large files from the VMDK I dont see any storage gains within that volume on the NetApp ??

Re: Volume Space Calculation ???

In respose to your question re: the existing space. If you only enable space-alloc then yes, the previously deleted blocks will remain. You will need to use Space Reclaimer to retrospetively release those blocks on the storage. Or, as you mention a new LUN will reset the used blocks once the original has been deleted.


Regarding the lack of storage gains, not expactly sure why you are not seeing the storage being released, it is automatic. Assume they are not trapped in a snapshot? Or are they deduped and so not releasing actual blocks? A DF -h for the former and DF -S -h for the latter, before and after the file deletion should show what's going on.