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Volume language and restore issue


I have volume1 and volume2 and SnapVault realtion between volumes.

In restore operation if I use OPS/DFM it uses actually NDMPcopy,

And "NDMPcopy" restore operation requires volume languages to be in UTF-8 form.

Volume1 language is Finnish and Volume2 language is Finnish,

and both volumes have ucode on, and ucode_convert on.
Still, why does this restore operation fail because this language setting?

I've understand that ucode on, and ucode_covert on, should make these volumes to "UTF-8" form?

Problem occurs only if directory has some of these letters: äöÄÖ.
Or is this ucode on / ucode_covert on "UTF-8" format just so different than "fi.UTF-8" format?




Re: Volume language and restore issue

It is not clear what actual problem you have. Do you have some error message, operation does not complete, you have problems accessing restored files? Please describe what you do and what output and results you get and expect to get.

Re: Volume language and restore issue


Thank you for reply!

Well, there is no problem actually, it's more less just a question for my interest
When I Change volume language settings to fi.UTF-8, restore operations are succeed (problem solved).
Restore operation used by DFM just doesen't recognize Letters ÄäÖö used in volumes which language is Finnish.
ucode on, and ucode_convert on should make these volumes "UTF" form? But DFM restore operation fails even those options are on, so it's not working like that...


Re: Volume language and restore issue

No, these two options are not the same.

Internally NetApp maintains several versions of each file name. Setting ucode=on forces it to always create UNICODE file name in addition to “native” name supplied by client. Setting language to whatever.UTF-8 basically says that client is using UTF-8 as native character set.

Are you using CIFS or NFS on this volume?

Re: Volume language and restore issue

It’s a CIFS volume.

Client is Windows (UTF-8)

Volume is (Finnish)

What does this volume language setting actually do, expect DFM restore operations to fail

Does the ontap somehow convert “windows language” UTF-8 to Finnish because the volume is set to be Finnish, or does it just create a second name in Finnish format for the file in addition to native (UTF-8)?

And why does this restore operaton fail, if the “native” language is UTF-8?