Volume members of a Raid Group

Hy,is it possible to know the volumes members of a raid group??

I have an aggregate with two raid groups

RaidGroup1: 14 disk data + 2 parity

RaidGroup2: 4 disks data + 2 parity

Spares: 2 disks spares

The idea is to know the relationship between LUNs/Volumes/RaidGroup/Aggregates to can define a correct disaster recovery plan.



Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

All volumes span across the entire aggregate so there is no way to differentiate which aggregate it is on... similarly a lun in a volume is on all raid groups in the aggregate.  Also, for performance, it is best to keep raid group sizes even in the aggregate.  For a DR, SnapMirror of the Volume or Qtree is most often used.

Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

My provider did this configuration.

0) So I can't make an aggregate with two different type of raid group?, is it true?
1) Besides
performance I don't see another advantage and as disadvantages I lose two parity disks in return for making a single large raid group (20 data + 2 parity +2 spare).
2) For such case it would be better had made two aggregate with one raid group (9 data + 2 parity) each or is a mistake?

3) If I could separate the production environment of testing environment I could decided on put all volumes testing on one aggregate defined as testing aggregate.


Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

You can create an aggregate with multiple raid groups of different sizes…just good to keep all the same size.

20D2P2 Spare is definitely a feasible option.

I would have gone 2(9D2P) or 18D2P…but if not hitting a performance issue then you are likely good to go… many won’t hit an issue.

If you want to keep prod/dev on separate spindles, then having an additional aggregate makes sense.

Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

Perfect, for end, I can not have one aggregate with 2 raid group different, example 1 aggr (1 raid group "DP"  9D2P and other raid group type "4" 10D1P + 2 spares)

Thanks a lot.

Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

No, the raid protection type (raid dp or raid4) is for the entire aggregate. You can create one aggregate with raid dp and another with raid4 but you'll have the space splitted over two aggregates. I recommend you to check and test the aggregates configuration and sizes before hold volumes and production data.

Re: Volume members of a Raid Group

Thanks, my doubts was resolved!!