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Volume offline

My filer is FAS2040 and is data ontap 7.3.6

The I use the filer view to create a volume and set snapshot 10%,

and then I create a LUN almost 90% of volume,

and I miss check the [Space Reserved] check box,

one week ago,the volume become offline,

I check the volume sapce and found it have no any available free space,

So I delete the snapshot and stop all the schedule snapshot!

and reduce the snapshot reserve space frome 10% to 5%,

but when I want to set Space Reserved in the LUN,

It can not let me set,

How can I fix this error?

Can I fix the error through the lun size?

Re: Volume offline


Is it possible for you to resize the volume (increase the size of volume) and then try reserving the space on the LUN?


Re: Volume offline

Hi Arunchak

There is no any free sapce in the aggregate,

So I can't increase the volume size!

Re: Volume offline

If you have free disks then add it to the aggr and then you can resize the volume.

If not then the only option is to try with lun size.

Re: Volume offline

if you have additional spare disk in the spare pool move one disk in to the aggregate and resize the volume because if the volume is offline then only way is to resize and online the volume in some cases even it wont allow you to resize the volume this is what i have faced recently then i  have to reboot the filer where i have got some cache space then immediately i have re-sized it and made it online.

Re: Volume offline

Hi every body

The customer don't have any additional spare disk,

just have 5% free space in the volume!

Re: Volume offline


If you have deleted all the snapshots already and there is only 5% free space in volume then see if this works out for you.

Enable deduplication and compression and run it on this volume. See if you get more free space then bring the volume online and move your data to a safer place.



Re: Volume offline


Is your volume online ?? did u tried following above steps ??



Re: Volume offline

Hi Shaik

I try to reduce the snapshot's space from 10% to 5%,

so the volume is online now,

and I don't try the above steps,

because I don't have any free spare disk and free space in aggr and volume!

But I just want to know,

will it happen again ?

Re: Volume offline


Yeah it will happen if you have snapshots scheduled which will grow and occupy space best thing is to have the volume resize else disable snapshot schedule so that it will not have snapshots consuming space.