Volume shows as LUN ?


I have two volumes that shows up as LUNs in provisioning manager.

It was initially imported from a QSM relationship.

The shares/qtree in the volumes shows the right information. But when I mark the volume and check 'Current space breakout' it tells me 'LUN used space' and so on?

How is this possible?

The other shares and volumes that I have provisioned directly from Provisioning Managern shows up correct.


This volume was created with a SnapMirror relationship and then imported to Provisioning/Protection Manager,.

And this volume is create using Provisioning Manager i Management Console

When checking on the controller both volumes have.:

raid_dp, flex, create_ucode=on, sis, convert_ucode=on & guarantee=file

And both have snap reserve set to 20%

So why does the imported show up as a LUN?

Re: Volume shows as LUN ?


You face  Bug 493743 not fixed since 4.0 and still present on 5.0D1



Re: Volume shows as LUN ?

This is an existing issue, pls raise a case or add your call_rec to the bug specified by francois the NetApp Global Support.