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Vserver root volume size

I am assuming the only data that is held within the Vserver root volume is the configuration data for that particular Vserver functionality, which is why it can be so small.

My questions to the community are the following...

1. Is there a document that describes what exactly is stored in the Vserver root volume?

2. Is there a Storage FAQ document on how large the Vserver root volume is recommended to be?




Re: Vserver root volume size

Answer 1 - The Vserver root volume does not contain any configuration information. I do not believe we have this information covered in any of the existing clustered ONTAP documentation. The Vserver root volume is created as part of the Vserver creation process. It is just a 20MB FlexVol.

Answer 2 - The recommended size for the Vserver root volume is 20MB. There are certain situations where application look at the size of the Vserver root volume and fail to write because they presume that the current working directory has the same size as the Vserver root volume. In these cases, the workaround is to set the Vserver root volume to be a thin-provisioned 1TB (for example) volume. When dealing with Windows clients with this problem the preferred option is to create a share that maps to the junction that owns the directory.

Hope this helps.

Re: Vserver root volume size

It does help. Are they planning on coming out with any documentation explaining what is held within that Vserver volume?

Re: Vserver root volume size

I can run that by Information Engineering for consideration in the next scheduled update to the guides.