What VSC version with vSphere 5.1?

I am getting ready to update to vSphere 5.1 and I am currently using VSC 4.0 on my vSphere 4.1 environment right now.  I see that the VSC 4.1 beta is out right now but since this is my production environment I would like to wait till 4.1 is officially released before using it.

With that I would like to know if VSC 4.0 is compatible with vSphere 5.1 or do I need to wait till VSC 4.1 is released before I can go to vSphere 5.1.  Can anyone answer that question for me?



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Mr Jacob. VSC 4.0 is compatible with VMware ESXi 5.0 (Update 1) but not with 5.1.

You can look at IMT to view the compatible versions :

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In IMT, when selecting VSC as the Storage Solution, there is no mention of vCenter 5.1 (only 5.0 update 1).  When you say it's not compatible, does that mean it definitely will not work or that it is yet to be certified by NetApp/Vmware?

We are also looking to update vcenter from 5.0 update 1 to 5.1, but have a reliance on VSC for backups, etc. 

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Hey Craig,

It will probably work, it will just not be supported by NetApp.

It's worth mentioning VSC 4.1 is very close to being released an has been in public beta for a while. I would hold off until it's available.

If you ask me, it's safe to upgrade to 5.1 as long as you don't depend on VSC for production backups. (which it sounds like you do)

Data ONTAP supports all 5.1 block storage, but has yet to support NFS or CIFS. (will probably be supported with the release of 4.1)

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VSC 4.0 works with vSphere 5.1. I had to reinstall  the VSC for it to work after upgrade to 5.1 however the application works.

Thanky you


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Craig, if its not on IMT we have a bunch of possibilities:

- it is not fully tested (so its not supported);

- not work at all;

- works but have some problems of compatibility;

- some capabilities works others dont;

but the main message is: its not supported and i dont recommend to use in production yet.

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I have installed VSC 4.0 with vsphere 5.1. This works fine. I did the snapshot backup, restore, cloning and lun management with this. There are no issues for me as of today.



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Thanks Diego.

We'll probably hang on until version 4.1 for production, but like some other folk, we need to get moving on vmware upgrades, so we'll plan to test 4.0 in our lab environment anyway.  I noticed the release note for VSC 4.1 beta doesn't mention vCenter 5.1 support, it seems to be mostly a c-mode compatibility release.  Do you know if there is any news or even an estimate on a release date for version 4.1, or any idea if interop between VSC 4.0 and vCenter 5.1 is actually going to be tested by NetApp?  It would be useful to know either way.  If this isn't going to happen, we can at least avoid investing time testing 4.0 ourselves.

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you can use the VSC 4.1 with your vSphere 5.1 in your lab environment. Take a look at this press release:

VSC 4.1 adds support to vSphere 5.1 and Cluster Mode new features. I cant say exacly what is the roadmap but i think we can expect the launch at this year yet.

My guess is VSC 4.0 + vSphere 5.1 will not be supported.

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Hi Diego,

Thanks for the info.  That gives us a few more clues!