What drive firmwares come with 8.1.2 ONTAP image? Where does it show it?

How do I check which drive firmware ships with the 8.1.2. ONTAP image?

Sometimes you need to upgrade the drive firmware manually because it is not included with the ONTAP image.  I'm looking in the release notes, but can't see where it shows which LODs are included?

I know upgrade Advisor will mention for a particular array if it contains models of disks that arent in the image.  But I'm looking for the list that is included?


Re: What drive firmwares come with 8.1.2 ONTAP image? Where does it show it?

You would have to look in the tgz file in the /etc/disk_fw directory and manually compare the NAnn versions of the files...I don't know if it is posted anywhere (never have seen it) on what versions are bundled other than going in the archive file to see.   I don't trust it is latest on any package though and always push the file a few days before the ONTAP upgrade to allow background disk firmware to finish (and some exceptions where a separate LOD file is needed for a specific BURT no in the For shelf and acp I push the since it usually takes 15 minutes or less to push the upgrade to the shelf modules.  Then when ONTAP is upgraded, the disk and shelves are already upgraded with the latest versions.  One exception I also run is to check the motherboard firmware, then push that after the ontap upgrade, but before takeover/giveback to get the latest version on flash with download -d in case the ontap image has an older version that could overwrite the bios... disk/shelf won't overwrite newer versions written since the files are version specific.