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Why "7 Mode" capabilities for 8.x ?

Hi All,

Working these days on RBAC for Data ONTAP, I found in the NetApp site a few documents entitled "Blahblah Security Features for Data ONTAP 8.x in 7-Mode".


Why should Data ONTAP 8;x run in "7-Mode"?

Any features removed?

Please share some light.


Re: Why "7 Mode" capabilities for 8.x ?

7-Mode differentiates from Cluster-Mode.  With ONTAP 8, NetApp "merged" the code for what had been two seperate offerings - ONTAP, and the GX cluster solution.  Cluster-Mode is basically the latter, and 7-Mode is the former (so called because it basically looks like version 7). The understanding is that eventually 7-Mode will go away, and Cluster-Mode will be the only thing available - but I don't know that they've even come up with a timeline for that.

When you install ONTAP 8, you choose which mode you want to use.  That will dictate whether you use 7-Mode or Cluster-Mode docs, software, etc.

You should be able to find lots of stuff about this on NetApp's sites.