Wishlist for OEM Plug-in

[ Edited ]
  • Fix> Report do not order numeric columns (Size, Used, Available etc.) numerically but alphabetically.
  • Add report to list snapshots not just volumes
  • Add support for SMO
  • Add support for Databases using ASM for Database Storage Utilization Support

Re: Wishlist for OEM Plug-in

Hi Leighton,

Thanks for your feedback.  Couple of questions:

- "Add support for SMO" - Can u plz provide more details on what you meant by this and what your expectation is?  Are you looking for NetApp Snapshot backup and restore capabilities from the plug-in?

- Any other feedback on the plug-in?  Can u also let us know how it is being used in your company as well as what you like about it.


Anand Ranganathan

Product Manager for Oracle Products & Solutions.