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Please could someone tell me how to access /etc so I can edit files. This is without an NFS / CIFS license...

Can I use the cli etc....?

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You actually don't need CIFS license to access administrative ('hidden') share:


/etc is one of subdirectories in there.



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Hi Radek

This is what I thought originally, however it does not seem to work "No network provider accepted the given network path" - I have checked the machine is allowed admin access.

I noticed on page 40 of the DOT 8.0 7-Mode Admin Guide that it states you need a CIFS license for this type of admin access????


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Weird one. It used to work like that for ages, but apparently it has changed recently (at least according to the admin guide).

The only trouble I had in the past accessing c$ share without CIFS license was around access rights problems when filer is not a part of AD domain.

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Hi there,

question,  which files you want edit ?  You could use wrfile command



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The FAS is not joined to the domain, is it worth joining if I will not be using cifs for data storage??? - Also, despite what the guide says, do you think joining the domain will allow cifs access to /etc (without license)?

I am looking to edit snapmirror.allow, however I would like to know how to edit all files (easly) for the future.....

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this file is small, so you wouldn't have a problem with  "wrfile", alternative you could set the "options snapmirror.access"

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Please expand on options snapmirror.access (what is the diff?? etc).

How do I use wrfile?

Is there no other way to modify files etc?


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Via PowerShell from a host running the Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit:

Connect-NaController DestinationFiler -Credential (Get-Credential) 

Write-NaFile /vol/vol0/etc/snapmirror.allow -AppendLine "Sourcefiler"

This will connect to the controller "DestinationFiler" via HTTPS and prompt for credentials.  After connecting it adds the controller "SourceFiler" to the snapmirror.allow file.


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wrfile is dangerous. you use it like this. but best test it on an emulator before!

* open ssh to the filer console (with putty for example)

* type

     rdfile /etc/rc

  or whatever file you want to edit. It will print out the current contents of the file

* copy this content to a Notepad or other text editor

* edit/change anything you want in the text

* when you're done, type

    wrfile /etc/rc

* then QUICKLY copy/paste your modified text into the SSH console

* press CTRL-C to save the file and you're done. try "rdfile" again to check your changes were correctly saved

the problem is that wrfile DELETES the file as soon as you enter the command so you must be prepared to paste in the new content

and if you forget to do CTRL-C at the end you will remain in "wrfile" mode and everything you type will end up in the file you tried to edit. Even if you logout SSH and later log in again, you will still be writing to the file, which can be quite annoying to say the least

please test on a simulator before you go productive