active bitmap rearrangement

So I am running Exchange JetStress on my Storage System and I am supposed to run:

priv set advanced
wafl scan status

and monitor for it all to be clear.  It has been two days now where I see a shed load of volumes all with "active bitmap rearrangement"

It doesnt seems to going anywhere fast..  Anyone got any idea how long this is going to take?

Also if I run

priv set diag

aggr scrub status -v

I see a number of aggr with:

aggr scrub: status of /aggr01_sata/plex0/rg0 :

        Current scrub is 25% complete (suspended).

        First full scrub not yet completed.

Any thoughts?

Re: active bitmap rearrangement

Those active bitmap rearrangement scans are always present and perfectly normal.

Re: active bitmap rearrangement

They are background block reallocation scans that are constantly running on every writable online volume. See this KB for more info on "wafl scan status" output: