adding nameserver entries to /etc/resolv.conf


We have a situation where in we need add a new nameserver and remove the existing nameserver from the vfiler.  Currently we already have two entries in /etc/resolv.conf.

When we try adding the new entry to /etc/resolv.conf and run dns info from the vfiler it shows all the servers as down and CIFS stops working.


1. Changing or adding nameservers requires downtime..?

2. Procedure to be followed for add the entries if it is a online activity..?

Re: adding nameserver entries to /etc/resolv.conf


Support center gave me the answer.

We set the state of each DNS server to "NO INFO" when adding it to the list of servers to use.
Later, we would set the state to DOWN if there was problems communicating with server, or UP if we interacted with it successfully.
So when you see NO INFO, we simply have not yet had reason to connect to that particular DNS server.
-so the other server must have been resolving all requests the filer needed to get resolved.

Hence what you currently see is not a problem