perl  -user root -filer xxxxxxxxx

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Could not retrieve Aggregate free space. Could not get any aggregates in this filer

on the filer it says

rshd.access.denied:warning]: Permission denied for an rsh request from root at

any idea?


What does the output from the following give you:

options rsh



you need to enable the rsh on the filer side using options command

and if u have password for ur root user, then no output u can get...this is due to rsh cannot specify the password for user.

so the workaround is to use plink or other remote shell which can specify the password for user.

u need some basic knowledge about coding. u need to change the .pl source code

change the rsh to plink

and put the password in the command line.

another workaround is temporarily removing root password, run the .pl and change the password back.

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i was able to do this

perl  -user root:xxxxxx -filer