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What are the options available and the best practices to backups NetApp 8 cluster-mode systems?

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If a San Lun typically a host agent to get file level. For NAS either ndmp software or from the client over Nfs or cifs. Ndmp for most data sets but it is at the volume not namespace and requires ndmp run on the node that owns the volume. Node affinity. A vol move to another nodes requires a config change to the new node for ndmp. A host backup may be slower but is from the namespace and doesn't need node affinity. But may be slower. The backup matrix shows supported backup/ndmp vendors..

If you keep enough snaps and remote snapmirror that may do too. No snapvault yet in cluster mode.

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Thank You, Scott. useful info.

One more question.

Does Netapp engeneers plan to include C-cluster support for the SnapProtect?

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I have to check the matrix but since Simpana it should be there. Just maybe not on the oem agreement yet. It may be.

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