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Join Our Broadcast Event   Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are transforming virtually every market, from self-driving vehi more
Can anyone point me to any offical NETAPP responses to the SMB1 discussed here: more
Hi,   We are trying to Deploy ONTAP Select version 9.4 on a cluster of 2 nodes. We are trying the evaluation license and using vCenter 6.7 Enterprise. more
The root aggregate alert on 95% used space , how can i clean some space or Increase size , please note that i do not have any core dump files  or *.tr more
Hi Experts,   Need help to migrate WINDOWS DAG CLUSTER (SQL) from 7-Mode to Cluster Mode.   What are the additional steps i need to make note of using more
I have been seeing sometihng strange in some of our clusters ever since we moved into the OnTap 9.x versions.    From a Windows 8+ or Server 2012+ mac more
We just upgraded to OnTAP 9.1P8. Production system is AFF so compaction is working by default. DR system is FAS8060. I enabled compaction at the aggre more
Hello, here  is a siple powershell GUI tool that you can use to collect info on Vols, LUN's and Aggrs. Script only contains get commands, so using rea more
I have below code   Invoke-NcSnapmirrorRelease -Source $vsm.SourceLocation -Destination $vsm.DestinationLocation -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction Stop  Re more
Hi there,   our security department does regular vulnerability/security scans of the environment and they recently approach me with this: "FreeBSD 10. more
Hello   Recently our logs get spammed with "secd.authsys.lookup.failed" events on one of our nfs svms. We can see that that an invalid UID is used but more