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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating Systems Data ONTAP 7G (Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode), Clustered Data ONTAP 8, Data ONTAP Edge and their data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello   I previously made a thread inquiring on whether an upgrade to 9.6 would be ideal, and the overwhelming response suggested that yes, it's ideal more
We just installed a x1143a cna adapter with the assistance of a contracter, and the links aren't coming up . I'll add some information below, as we ar more
  I'm trying to install ONTAP Select 9.6 one-node cluster on vCenter/ESXi servers.   After installing the OVF Deploy image, I'm going thru the configu more
I have a NFS volume and used for Oracle backups, to calculate the amount of data being written to the volume by using NetApp tool, I pulled out the MB more
I can't seem to get scheduled snapshots enabled through powershell. I can assign a policy, but auto snapshots is not enabling, the below script says i more
Hi   We currently have two NetApp machines in production, operating on the NetApp release 9.3P3 and 9.4P3 respectively. I'm aware that the latest rele more
Hi Everyone... 1. About 3 x months back cDOT 8.2.3 was successfully installed on 2 x FAS 2240-4 (HA) using serial console session... Means a cluster o more
Hello,   Iam trying to use paramiko and have run this command    ssh.exec_command('​set -privilege advanced -confirmations off')     But Iam getting t more
Hello, In January Microsoft will force "LDAP Signing" (LDAPS) and "channel binding" which will make all unencrypted connections impossible to the Acti more
Hi, I am trying to understand what exactly is a system object from AutoSupport Point of view.  Does a 'system' mean [controller + RAM + CACHE(FP, FC) more
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