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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating Systems Data ONTAP 7G (Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode), Clustered Data ONTAP 8, Data ONTAP Edge and their data protection features and plug-ins.

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Hello,   I can see on our AFF 8080 EX high Backend Latency. What does this mean and more important how to improve this? General, how can this happen? more
  Hello, I have source volume 5 TB size, 3TB are Data Space and 2 TB are Snap Space. I would like to create a Destination Volume, let assume that it d more
Hi,   My customer purchase a new A220 (SSD*24), he want to use ADP root-data not ADP root-data-data   1. Except usable capacity, have any concern for more
Hi,I'm doing extensive external key manager testing, and am being throttled by not being able to delete the key manager configuration because it says more
Storage efficency shows Change log 100%. I can not stop or restart process. ::> volume efficiency start -vserver <vserver> -volume <volume> -scan-old- more
Read 8 KB article discussing using ONTAP 8.2 7mode "snapmirror migrate" to relocate volumes to new aggregate on same controller ,  whilst preserving N more
I am adding nodes to a cluster  running ontap 9.1P2.   I added the nodes and then added intercluster interfaces on each of the new nodes,  there is a more
Trying to clean off a disk shelf we need to remove and use elsewhere.  All other Volumes have been moved, with the exception of the SVM root volumes. more
Hi folks, More than a few times i had a customer ask me to bring online SVMDRs in test environments and separate network. Problems arises when they al more
Hi Can anybody explain what do greads and gwrites mean in statit output? USaullay zeros, I suppose they are related to RAID rebuild, but how? If a dis more