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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating Systems Data ONTAP 7G (Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode), Clustered Data ONTAP 8, Data ONTAP Edge and their data protection features and plug-ins.

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Is there a way to use conditional logic on the OnTap CLI between different fields? Like if I wanted to get all users that are over 1TB OR using more t more
Can't figure out how to get compression enabled on a snapmirror relationship established with 7MTT. Relationship is created fine using the tool. Non-c more
Hi All   When using cluster mode. Is it possible to have AutoSupports sent to an internal Web server location as opposed to using a SMTP server..?   M more
We have been using "volume move" to shuffle volumes around our cluster, being told that it is a great tool, and will cut-over cleanly.   Well, I've fo more
UPDATE: After some more investigation, I discovered that the volume was no longer needed, so I could just delete it. No need to resolve this problem a more
Greetings, Have only been here a couple of months and have run into an area that I am not sure about proceeding with.  Any assistance is greatly appre more
Hi Is there a recommended procedure to switch the ifgrp ports from 1Gb to 10Gb in ONTAP 9.1 ? In the olden days of 7-mode it was a relatively simple p more
In terms of end to end encryption over NFS/CIFS, I know there can have NetApp Volume Encryption which will happen on volumes. What about encryptions f more
Hi This might sound trivial (and in some ways it it) but in 7-mode I was able to do an 'ls /vol/vol1' when in the cli on the filer itself. In C-mode t more
Is there a known date when the next 7mtt will be released were A200 and Ontap 9.2 is supported? Does anyone know if it's possible to manually add "sup more