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Discuss and ask questions about NetApp's Operating Systems Data ONTAP 7G (Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode), Clustered Data ONTAP 8, Data ONTAP Edge and their data protection features and plug-ins.

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Greetings,   My question is to address all the "snapshot reserve 90%" full alerts we're getting from unified manager. This seems to be an issue in eve more
Hello is there any Linux or netapp 9 powershell Scrip we can run for pre check health before running a fail-over and also after for ONTAP 9? Or a set more
Unable to login with AD ID in NETAPP OUM. Previously we used to login but suddenly not able to login ,showing authentication failure .
Hi All,   I need to find how to delete latest snapshot  using Yaml script or Shell Script? Does anyone have the example script.   or it is possible to more
I have been trying to reset filer B on my FAS2552 using opt. 4 but each time it launches the wipe filer procedure then halts without performing the wi more
Is there no concern about the implemented google analytics code directly in the netapp ONTAP System Manager (9.7, AFF-C190)?  Its crazy to call google more
I am trying to replace a disk that is still active in an aggregate, but the physical latch that retains the disk has been damaged so the only thing ke more
Looking at a customers CIFS SVMs we note that some of the DCs connected to the SVM report as slow an one unavailable. Is there any detail about these more
We are trying to robocopy data to our AFF-A220 but we cannot copy ownership info. It fails unless I exclude copying ownership. At this point, I am the more
Hello.I have noticed some deviation in value of Volume "percent-used" value for volume show command on different C-Mode ONTAP versions. It is also tru more
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