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Join Our Broadcast Event   Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are transforming virtually every market, from self-driving vehi more
We have  a full shelf and addtional of a quarter shelf SSD's, total of 30 SSD's, 15TB each, with root-data-data partitions already in the first full s more
I used these two commands to ping the same destination, the former can ping the destination IP, the later one can not. I know that this probably becau more
This is my first attempt at using the powershell toolkit, I'm trying to get a list of the space available on all of our cifs and nfs shares. It mostly more
Creating a CSR and submitting it to the CA for a certificate is the easy part.   My question is as follows:   The Microsoft CA (internal) has multiple more
Hi Folks, Heard that with ONTAP 9.1, we no longer need ACP cabling and the SAS shelves can be managed inband. Is this specific to the shelves/ control more
Hi folks, Since some time, it seems that you can configure LDAP at the cluster level to enable authentication.   I was using previously the domain tun more
We currently have a snapshot policy assigned to a number of volumes that keeps 180 daily and 52 weekly snapshots (in essence giving us 1 year of reten more
Hello All, I have noticed strange behavior on my NetApp environment. When I tried copying and pasting almost 2 GB of data from  1vol of 1st SVM to ano more
I recently installed  OnCommand Plug-in 4.1.3 for Microsoft in my SCOM 2016 environment. The installation appears to be successful - all of the compon more
Hello,   we made an upgrade in August to ONATP version 9.4P1   Today I was checking some config in our cluster and I have seen, that two cluster lifs more