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Join Our Broadcast Event   Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are transforming virtually every market, from self-driving vehi more
Running ONTAP 9.1P8   Have NVE (Netapp Volume Encryption) enabled on both Clusters involved in the snapmirror (UK to US and vice versa) The source vol more
Has anybody created a script to compare the nodes in an HA pair to make sure the rc files are in sync? I do most admin on the comandline and while bei more
Hello,   Recently we received a CDot cluster with 12 partitioned disks pre-installed from NetApp and we started using it and a week later we received more
hi all   i am running ocum 9.4 some time now, no problems at all. since 10 days i am blind on one cluster (we do have 2 monitored)   message in "Confi more
Hi , We have fas9000 running 9.1 ontap with Snapmirror , there are several volumes on the destination storage that are in  Relationships type  = Mirro more
WARNING: The Hardware-ONTAP file is out of date. An update should be downloaded from the NetAppDocs Community site and copied to the folder: C:\Progra more
Hi Team,   Is it possible to "tag" or "label" a qtree? I tried looking up in Cdot 9.3p2, I could find anything to tag a qtree.   For example: I would more
Hi Folks, Heard that with ONTAP 9.1, we no longer need ACP cabling and the SAS shelves can be managed inband. Is this specific to the shelves/ control more
We have  a full shelf and addtional of a quarter shelf SSD's, total of 30 SSD's, 15TB each, with root-data-data partitions already in the first full s more
I used these two commands to ping the same destination, the former can ping the destination IP, the later one can not. I know that this probably becau more