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Join Our Broadcast Event   Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are transforming virtually every market, from self-driving vehi more
I have been seeing sometihng strange in some of our clusters ever since we moved into the OnTap 9.x versions.    From a Windows 8+ or Server 2012+ mac more
The root aggregate alert on 95% used space , how can i clean some space or Increase size , please note that i do not have any core dump files  or *.tr more
We just upgraded to OnTAP 9.1P8. Production system is AFF so compaction is working by default. DR system is FAS8060. I enabled compaction at the aggre more
Hello, here  is a siple powershell GUI tool that you can use to collect info on Vols, LUN's and Aggrs. Script only contains get commands, so using rea more
I have below code   Invoke-NcSnapmirrorRelease -Source $vsm.SourceLocation -Destination $vsm.DestinationLocation -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction Stop  Re more
Hi there,   our security department does regular vulnerability/security scans of the environment and they recently approach me with this: "FreeBSD 10. more
Hello   Recently our logs get spammed with "secd.authsys.lookup.failed" events on one of our nfs svms. We can see that that an invalid UID is used but more
What kind of performance impact does deduplication have on performance? (both during the scheduled deduplication process and also "business hours")
Hello,  In search of an answer as I've followed all instructions in this KB and I still cannot establish a putty session to the nodes I've placed into more
What are the average dedupe ration for an 100% vmware deployment.